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China Fishing Tackle Association
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CFTA consists of manufacturers producing and operating fishing tackle and related and some distributors. CFTA sets industry products and service standards, organizes the exhibitions and conducts international exchanges and cooperation. The functions of the association are focusing on industry development, communicating with government agencies, making policy and legislative suggestions and analyzing industry data.

CFTA with various high-quality fishing tackle manufacturer members as well as  many excellent dealers members in fishing tackle distribution chain. It also  gives multiple concentration of Chinese fishing tackle manufacturers official certification. CFTA masters fishing tackle upstream and downstream industry chain in order to release accurate industry figures in a timely manner and provides reasonable suggestions for enterprise development.

CFTA carries out international exchanges and cooperation, providing industry information for domestic and oversea fishing tackle enterprises. The goal is to establish a trade platform of worldwide fishing  tackle enterprises by organizing the production exhibition, trade and technology cooperation.
The China Fishing Tackle Association (CFTA) is the driving force behind the new trade show that is being launched on the outskirts of Shanghai next year.
The trade association for the industry will be hosting the first-ever China International Fishing Tackle Exhibition (CIFTE) in May, but it is no stranger to organising mainstream events, having run the twice-yearly Suzhou Shanghua Fishing Tackle Exhibition for a decade, a public show that attracts over 1,500 exhibitors.
The CFTA is one of 19 members of the China Stationery and Sporting Goods Association (CSSGA) which was established in October 1989 and is approved by the Chinese National Ministry of Civil Affairs. As the national industry organisation it is made up of manufacturers and dealers within the distribution chain who are all certified to trade by the tackle trade organisation.
The main functions of the CFTA are clearly laid out in a 13 point manifesto. Its aims include:
1 Keep abreast of the problems facing the industry and represent the interests of its members to the relevant government departments;
2 Reply to the consultation documents produced by government and its associated departments; 
3 Protect the legitimate rights and interests of members;
4 Conduct industry statistical surveys, collect and release trade information;
5 Preparation of industry publications;
6 Participate in the formation of industry product and service standards;
7 Establish industrial rules and regulations and supervision of their implementation by members. Responsible for the maintenance of fair competition;
8 Organise product exhibitions, sales and technical exchanges and cooperation;
9 Collate industry development reports and seminars;
10 Guide and help businesses improve the way they operate;
11 Provide members with technical, market and economic information from home and abroad;
12 Through the establishment of contacts with overseas organisations, conduct international exchanges and cooperation;
13 Promote the healthy and sustainable development of the fishing tackle industry.
In recent years the cooperation with other markets across the world has become increasingly important to the CFTA and this year, for the first time, it attended the EFTTEX trade show in Budapest, following an invitation from the European Fishing Tackle Trade Association (EFTTA) and the world's largest show of its kind, ICAST.

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