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Exhibitor Q&A
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Exhibitor Q&A

                                        Winter: December 7-9, 2018   Summer: May 24-26, 2019

                                            Suzhou International Expo Centre, Jiangsu, China

1. What is CIFTE?

China International Fishing Tackle Exhibition (CIFTE) is a international fishing tackle meeting hosted by the China Fishing Tackle Association (CFTA). CFTA is one of 19 professional committees under China Stationery & Sporting Goods Association (CSSGA), mainly consists of manufacturers producing and operating fishing tackle and related products and some distributors. CFTA sets the standards of industry products, organizes the exhibitions and conducts international
exchanges and cooperation. The functions of the association are focusing on industry development, communicating with government agencies, making policies and legislative suggestions and analyzing industry data. CIFTE hosts domestic public fishing tackle shows for ten years. It is the first time open to oversea buyers. CIFTE currently has over 1500 exhibitors reserved more than 3000 booths and occupying over 100,000 square meters exhibition area. 


2.Why should you attend the CIFTE?

(1) Expand international markets. You can negotiate directly with wholesalers, retailers and manufacturers in many countries around the world. You can also establish connection with CFTA, oversea fishing tackle associations and fishing tackle trade organizations.

(2) Dock the domestic market. The first CIFTE will be hosted in the Suzhou International Expo Center, followed by Suzhou Shanghua Fishing Tackle Exhibition 2018. This allows formation of foreign domestic echoes, market mutual learning, need mutual digestion, internal integration, external exchange of the whole industry chain coverage. Oversea brands can also seek opportunities to develop the Chinese market.

(3) Hosted by CFTA, therefore the policy is preferable. No. 401 article of 2016 National Ministry of Industry and Trade provided guidance to CSSGA vigorously developing brands promotion. At the same time, CFTA will actively carry out brands promotion and successfully launch a group of national fishing tackle brands.

(4) Set up a platform. CFTA’s goal is through organizing the production exhibition, trade and technology cooperation to build industry base window to the world, reshape made-in-China fishing tackle image and build the international trade platform.

3.What types of companies can participate in the CIFTE?

Service providers, agents, import and export corporate and media, which produce and sell fishing tackle products, outdoor equipment, fishing gearing equipment, raw materials, tools and accessories can sign up as exhibitors.


4. Overview of CIFTE

2018 China International Fishing Tackle Exhibition (CIFTE 2018)

Time: May 25 - 27, 2018

Venue: Suzhou International Expo Center

Address: 688 East Suzhou Avenue, Suzhou Industrial Park District, Suzhou, Jiangsu

5. Why is CIFTE hosted in Suzhou International Expo Center?

Firstly, CIFTE will be held in Suzhou International Expo Center is that Suzhou has uniquely advantageous geographic conditions. The pavilion only requires an hour's drive from Shanghai. Shanghai is one of the largest economic, financial, trade and shipping center in China, with incomparable advantages over other cities in international trade. Secondly, Suzhou, where the exhibitions host, is the largest fishing tackle manufacturers industry cluster in China. For instance, there are numerous factories of fishing line and fishing rod in Zhejiang, baiting, tools and accessories in Jiangsu, baiting and sinkers in Anhui. CIFTE in Suzhou offers negotiation, inspection on goods, placing orders on site, which is much more efficient. Furthermore, Suzhou features elegant natural scenery and classic gardens that became UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997. The climate is pleasant and annual average temperature is 15.7°C. Speaking of the local products, Suzhou is famous for silk, handicrafts such as embroidery, fans, traditional Chinese musical instruments, lanterns, furniture, jade carving, traditional painting pigments.


6CFTA is working with Shanghai Shanghua Exhibition Service Company Ltd to organize CIFTE. The professional fishing tackle exhibition organization planning team is fully in charge of organization, attracting investment, and marketing. The project manager and company general manager Ming Li said, the team has over 20 years experience in the industry. Suzhou Shanghua Fishing Tackle Exhibition, as one of the largest fishing tackle exhibitions in China, has an important influence in fishing tackle domestic market.

7. How to participate in CIFTE?

(1) Please  download ‘Booth Reservation Form’ from the website (, or call the CIFTE office, , fill in the ‘Booth Reservation Form’, and e-mail ( or fax (+86-21-63800822) to the CIFTE office.

(2) After received the completed’ Booth Reservation Form’, the office will send you the ‘Booth Confirmation’ and ‘Payment Notice’.

(3) Please pay in time as requested on payment notice, and send the remittance with the company name and remitted to the office.

(4) After confirming the payment, the office will send signed copy of ‘Exhibition Contract’, your booth number can then be guaranteed. Otherwise, the reservation is invalid.

(5) Your company should be duly signed, stamped and returned ‘Exhibition Contract’.


8. Booth related management regulations

(1) Please select the booth number according to the ‘latest booth plan’ on the official website ( and confirm with CIFTE office.

(2) Available larger area booths which can not be divided in principle, because the CIFTE gives priority to meet the needs of the corresponding area exhibitors and the division of larger area booths will affect the availability of booths.

(3) Based on the overall pattern and order of booth reservation, CIFTE discourages exhibitors to reserve more than 3 standard booths. However if it is necessary, please choose the appropriate area of booths.

(4) In principle the sharing of a booth for more than two companies is discouraged. Only exhibitor who submit ‘Booth Reservation Form’ will engage in lease and servicing relationship with CIFTE and appear on the exhibition materials, such as the journal information, booth name board, exhibitor list, exhibitor badges and other exhibition promotional materials.

(5) The booth which has been signed and confirmed in the exhibition contract shall not be adjusted. If you need to enlarge the area, and if there is a booth to choose from, the booth can be adjusted in consultation with the office and confirmed in the form of supplementary contract; If you want to reduce the area, the office will assist in finding a company that rents your booth area. However if there is no new hirer, you should pay the booth cancellation fee as stated in the exhibition contract.


9. How to prepare for the exhibition?

You can refer to Exhibitor Manual. After receiving exhibitor's payment and the exhibition contract, the office will send the Exhibitor Manual to your company. The manual will provide services information and notices, including hotel booking, exhibition furniture rental, advertising booking, exhibits transportation and translation services. Please submit the service reservation form before the due date to ensure the accurate and efficient preparation of the exhibition.

To ensure accurate delivery of information, CIFTE will only provide the electronic version of Exhibitor Manual.

10. What is CIFTE specified contact person?

CIFTE carries out and promotes the exhibitor service through the specified contact system. Specified contact person provides customers covering booth reservation, exhibition preparation and on site services. Such service minimizes the exhibitors time and efforts in order to maximize the benefits of exhibitors.

11. Can we move out in advance?

In order to maintain the image and order of the exhibition and effectively guarantee the interests of most exhibitors and overseas traders, the office states that no one can move out until 16:00 last day (May 22, 2018).

12. Can CIFTE help my clients (traders) to visit the exhibition?

Please contact CIFTE to obtain an invitation letter to register as visitors. Each exhibitor can apply for visitor tickets. CIFTE has relevant discount according to policy for Recommended Special Buyers.


Any question, please contact us:

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