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The first CIFTE made its appearance in Suzhou
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The first CIFTE made its appearance in Suzhou

China International Fishing Tackle Exhibition (CIFTE) is hosted by China Stationery & Sporting Goods Association (CSSGA) and undertaked by Shanghai Shanghua Exhibition Service Co., LTD., from May 25 to 27 in Suzhou.

Nearly 70,000 square meters of exhibit area, 1500 fishing tackle enterprises brought a variety of fishing tackle products and boat related products display. Exhibitors from Italy, Japan, Korea, Europe and the United States also show their products to Chinese buyers and anglers through their own participation or agency. Russian, Australian and Korean buyer groups, as well as overseas buyers and media from Europe, the United States, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions, came to visit the show. The first show debut, achieved the integration of domestic and foreign fishing tackle industry. There are harvests, there are expectations.

To thank all overseas buyers have traveled long distances to visit the show, CIFTE launched the overseas buyers’ early bird offer, including flight ticket subsidies, hotel accommodation, airport shuttle bus and translation. Pre-register buyers also received a piece specially customized by a prominent Chinese still water fish gyotaku master Li Shixin.

Li also presented the production process of gyotaku at the scene, which impressed many audiences who had been in contact with gyotaku for the first time. His live works were sent out at the scene, which also aroused the enthusiasm of the audience.

There were live demonstrations making professional handmade rod from Japan using professional equipment tools. The rod master showed audience how to crude bamboo grinding into fine rod tip, exquisite craft make the audience impressed. Invited by the host, audience also tried on their own, holding a bamboo branch and forming a bamboo rod. After more than 10 minutes of experience, participants still felt that was not enough.

On the evening of May 25, the organizer specially arranged a dinner tour on the Linji Lake, opposite the exhibition hall. Well-known domestic enterprises and overseas buyers are invited to experience the beautiful scenery and delicious food of Suzhou. CSSGA Leaders welcomed overseas guests.

"Welcome to Suzhou," said Li Ming, general manager of Shanghai Shanghua Exhibition Service Co., LTD., the undertaker of the show, “Through the show platform, we get together and hope that we can further enhance our understanding, strengthen cooperation and jointly promote the development of fishing tackle industry. Thank you and have a nice trip in Suzhou.”

The first CIFTE is an attempt to explore the integration of domestic and foreign fishing tackle markets. We hope to open up a new channel for domestic and foreign fishing tackle enterprises to communicate and establish a new platform for display and trade.

The organizers conducted extensive exchanges and cooperation with the Australia Chinese Angling Association Incorporated (ACAAI), organizers of Hunting and Fishing in Russia and Korea International Fishing Show and Japanese fishing tackle enterprise group, to better promote understanding and overseas markets. At the same time, the exhibition also cooperated with multiple overseas professional fishing tackle media to help more overseas buyers to improve their understanding of CIFTE, Li said.

"In 2018, Suzhou Shanghua Winter (International) Fishing Tackle Exhibition will be held on December 7th to 9th, and we are already start preparations for the show. We will attend EFTTEX at the end of June to promote winter show on December and summer show May next year, working on bring better harvest to our buyers next show." Li Ming said.