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CIFTE Promotion EFTTEX stop successfully held
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China International Fishing Tackle Exhibition Promotion

European stops promotion successfully held

China International Fishing Tackle Exhibition (CIFTE) hosted by China Fishing Tackle Association (CFTA) of China Stationery & Sporting Goods Association (CSSGA), since its launch in Suzhou in May, has been preparing by the project team to ensure the smooth conduct of the exhibition.

Under the invitation of the European Fishing Tackle Trade Association, the Secretary-General Tian Baoquan of China Fishing Tackle Association attended the 36th session of the European Fishing Tackle Trade Exhibition (EFTTEX) led 16 participants, including general Manager of SHSX Fishing Tackle LLC Longxing Ding, president of Hubei Loonva Fishing Tackle Group LLC Zhou Wenping, General Manager of Hubei Baisha Fish Bait LLC Liu Hanling, general manager of Hunan Chihai fishing tackle LLC. Li Jianming, general manager of, Weihai Haibin Fishing Tackle LLC Ms. Sun Yuting, as well as General manager of CFTA/CIFTE project partner Shanghai Shanghua Exhibition Service Co Ltd Ming Li and his 8-person team. 

The 36th session of the European Fishing Tackle Trade Exhibition is held in Budapest. There are many well-known brands around the world and a number of Chinese enterprises exhibiting. By the Director of CSSGA Yixiao entrusted, Secretary-General Baoquan Tian visited the exhibiting CFTA members during the exhibition, including: Black King Kong Fishing Tackle LLC, Sea Guide Fishing Tackle LLC, Guangdong Yonghuang Leisure Products LLC, Yaska Fishing Tackle LLC, Haibao Fishing Tackle LCC.

At the booth of CFTA, entrepreneurs from China took this place as a stronghold, discussed with Tian about the development of the fishing tackle industry and put forward their related questions and suggestions for industry development. CIFTE has successfully attracted their attention. A number of entrepreneurs give suggestions to host a good exhibition from the perspective of the enterprise. They said that they would actively participate in the exhibition, assist in hosting the Chinese fishing tackle industry exhibition, build bridges between domestic and foreign markets and promote the development of fishing tackle industry.

During the exhibition, professional buyers from many countries in Europe have a strong interest in CIFTE. CIFTE can provide high quality supplier resources and will be great help to them. A total of 500 CIFTE material is given out to overseas buyers. More than 300 buyers from over 10 countries in Europe expressed the desire to learn more about the details of the exhibition, leave contacts and be updated about the exhibition.

At the entrepreneurs' request, Tian led all members to visit the large fishing tackle supermarket in Budapest. Among them, an area of 850 square meters of Water Land large-scale fishing tackle supermarket is conspicuous. Chinese entrepreneurs looked at the various products displayed and have in-depth talk with the operators. They understood the European fishing tackle industry development and fishing tackle product sales market to a certain extent.

As one of the major issues of this European tour, meeting with President Bell of the EFTTA are scheduled to take place on the second afternoon of the show. In order to strengthen the exchanges and cooperation between China and Europe's fishing tackle industry, Tian firstly expressed his sincere thanks to Mr. Bell for his strong support and invited Mr. Bell to attend the 2017 annual meeting of the Chinese fishing tackle industry. The European Fishing Association Mr. Bell happily accepted the invitation and would try his best to arrange the schedule to attend. Mr. Bell also expressed to work with CFTA to promote the development of fishing tackle industry.

In addition, the Secretary-General Tian Baoquan and Mr. Bell held discussions on the Chinese companies participation organized by CFTA in the EFTTEX 2018. The two sides said they will keep in touch after and hope to achieve final cooperation.

After the European stop's promotion, CIFTE project team went to the United States to participate in ICAST and started the United States stop promotion.
The scale of ICAST is even larger, more extensive product coverage and showing different market dynamics. Chinese fishing tackle enterprises have also become an indispensable part of ICAST stage, from Weihai,Zhejiang,Guangdong and other places in China.

The mission is successfully completed in EFTTEX, followed by ICAST stop. At the same time, the European stop of CIFTE global 10 stops promotion are also completed. Through the 10 stops promotion, it brings more ideas and directions for the next step of CIFTE preparation.