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CIFTE Promotion Moscow stop successfully held
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CIFTE exhibited in 42nd Hunting and Fishing in Russia

CIFTE exhibited in 42nd Hunting and Fishing in Russia

China International Fishing Tackle Exhibition
Global 10 Stops Promotion ----- Russian stop

On September 14 2017, Russia's 42nd Hunting and Fishing exhibition was held at the All-Russian Exhibition Centre. After China Fishing Tackle Association’s discussion, CIFTE led by the Secretary-general Baoquan Tian determined to participate in the exhibition in Moscow. CIFTE project manager Ming Li brought four people to Moscow to carry out the promotion. During the exhibition, CIFTE project staff communicated with several exhibiting Chinese fishing tackle enterprises. At the same time, CIFTE/CFTA project team also have extensive conversations with Russian exhibition organizers, association and domestic famous enterprises. 600 copies of CIFTE were disturbed to Russian enterprises and buyers, looking for more cooperation opportunities in the Russian market.

As an international exhibition with a long history, Russia's fishing and hunting exhibitions have an important influence on the fishing market in Russia and many neighboring countries and regions. In China, which borders Russia, Russia is vital to the development of fishing tackle industry. Russian hunting and fishing show also has very obvious "Chinese style" : not only has many Chinese fishing tackle companies are active participant in the show, fishing tackle products from China also occupies a considerable proportion of the market in Russia. Multiple CFTA member enterprises have deep cooperation with Russian fishing tackle market. Therefore, the Russian market also has important significance for China's fishing industry.

This time, CFTA has come to the exhibition for exchange and inspection, and also hope to strengthen our understanding of the Russian market through in-depth exchanges. We can see that the Russian fishing hunting exhibition shows exhibits rich categories onsite, from large boats, recreational vehicles to small hooks and bait, from outdoor clothing to large tents, from hunting tools to daily knives. It can reflect how mature consumer market in Russian fishing tackle industry is. The show opened for four days. The first two days are professional audience open day, mainly open to the buyers and traders, and then two days to become a common hunting and fishing enthusiasts paradise. Among the exhibiting enterprises, the proportion of domestic hunting and fishing enterprises and wholesale stores is relatively high. They not only display the products, but also are happy to retail to consumers.

Companies from China, South Korea and Japan also made their appearances at the show. Nearly 20 enterprises from China, mainly from Zhejiang, Weihai and Guangdong fishing tackle companies, exhibiting including fishing rods, fishing line, lures and baits and also boat propellers. In the conversation with these Chinese fishing enterprises, we learned that the market of Russian market is prevalent, and the consumption of lures, fishing lines, and road rods is relatively large. Russia has a large market for fishing tackle products from China, therefore many Chinese fishing tackle enterprises have entered the Russian market more than a decade. Many companies directly establish a branch in Russia to better serve Russia's huge market.

As the most important project of CFTA next year, CIFTE hopes through exhibition in Moscow to make extensive contacts with the Russian market and get more buyers from Russia to know this new trade show. The project team of CIFTE has held meetings with the Russian companies and has invited them to participate in the show next year. Multiple Russian companies expressed their keen interest in the show and expressed their desire to know more. During the hunting and fishing show, more than 600 documents were distributed to the buyers. They will be updated of show progress.

During the show, CIFTE booth once again have become the contact point of Chinese companies, they want to keep updates with the association related work progress and look forward to keep developing with assistance of the association. CFTA also communicate with Russian Hunting and Fishing Exhibition organizers, and preliminary determines the promotion during the next exhibition. Also, the two sides will consider further cooperation.

This visit provides a direct source of in-depth understanding of Russian fishing tackle market to CFTA as well as advertises for the upcoming CIFTE held in May 2018 and makes the enterprise in the Russian fishing tackle industry and merchants to know the basic information about CIFTE. That ended the 10-day trip promotion.